ERFA Annual Event 2018

ERFA Annual Event 2019

How to turn rail freight into a profitable business?

ERFA aims to create a market place in the rail freight sector where business can thrive. A successful sector is one that new companies want to be part of, and new entrants participate in. The current business environment for rail freight continues to act as a barrier for private companies to invest in rail and support its growth and competitiveness. The failure of rail to make any significant gains from modal shift is a key symptom of weak competition in the market. As such the rail freight offer is not in a strong position to compete with road on price, quality or innovation. Instead a market where there are too many dominant players fosters pricing distortion; limited customer-orientation and unsustainable business models.

What is needed to attract new entrants and more competition in the rail freight market?

  Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Marriott hotel, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, Warsaw 00-697 Poland


SEMINAR: “How turn rail freight into a profitable business?”
11.00 - 13.00
Welcoming words of Polish Official

How can we guarantee the fair access to all competitors on the rail freight market?
What discriminatory practices still exist today?

Gintautas Lukauskas, Commercial Director, Gargždų Geležinkelis

How can a RU best achieve a high level of efficiency in Poland? The Freightliner experience
Konstantin Skorik, CEO Freightliner Poland

Presentation of ERFA achievements and goals
Recommendations for minimizing impact of construction
works on rail services

Lindsay Durham, ERFA Chair and Maciej Gladyga, Director IGTL

How the Independent can stimulate performance and growth in order the sector reaches the objective 30 in 2030
Annika Kroon, Deputy Head of Unit SERA, European Commission

 13.00 - 14.30

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