S2.MailBlaster can be :

  1. used for a 1 shot campaign,
  2. rented for a year,
  3. bought for life.

1. the One Shot campaign mode.
You just want to do 1 e-mailing for a promotional action? We can manage everything, from design to integration, the batch send, and finally give you the report, bounced addresses and the tracked links lists.

  • additional page can be create
  • additional functionality can be added (game, question, time limited action, ...)

2. The rental solution is divided in 2 core business models: the ASP (Application Service Provider) mode and the "Black Box" mode (on your own server)

a. The ASP mode (annual contract)

b. The Black Box mode:

We install the application (and the components if needed) on your own server (NT) and you send as mail as your server can support. The mailing lists are unlimited, you can use it for all your website.
Resell, copy, modify are forbidden.

You pay a renting fee but we install it for free, you receive free upgrades and unlimited technical support during open office hours. 2h training is included in this mode.

3. You prefer to buy it and have no monthly fee?
No problem, we can sell it and give you a technical support for installation.
The licence include unlimited use on 1 CPU for 1 company. Source code not included.
Please contact us for a quote.

note: all our solutions includes 1h of training courses.