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  S2MB new features
Lots of little improvments and pro features

1. Spam detection system!
Lets test your creation in an advanced Spam filter. Read the spam report and improve your content to avoid falling in the spambox.

2. Multiparts (html/txt) email automatically generated
Dont send HTML email, dont send simple text email... send both. Let your reader software/webmail choose the best version.

3. Export in CSV the readers, non readers and bounced mail
Those emails can be exported in 1 click

4. Contextual video help
Somethime, create a CSV from a Excell sheet is not "natural". It's why we add videos.

5. Sending/importing process
The sending process was improved to avoid any lost of data. The import is now 2X faster.

6. One click, multiple update
After an advanced search filter in the Recipient management section, you can update all the recipients in 1 form.


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S2MB new features

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